A Prison for the Criminally Insane

Nightmare was originally built on the property that was once owned by Samuel Slaughter. Built to keep the so called uninvited, over night “guests” that had dared to take refuge in his hotel, it was used to confine these now “forced to stay” guests. These imprisoned guests were used against their will as “patients” for his continuous experiments in “electro shock therapy”. Having been kept imprisoned, totally isolated in one place for so long, and used mercilessly in his experiments, these now mentally deranged “patients” had simply gone completely mad, and were left to die alone. It was fitting that the death of Samuel Slaughter should be an “electrocution” by a so called “freak of nature”.

The prison was eventually seized by the federal government and over the years became a notorious place to deposit the worst of the nations criminally insane. Once inside Nightmare Penitentiary you will find out exactly what happens when these now mentally disturbed & deranged criminals, haunted by the souls of the undead left there to die years before by Samuel Slaughter, are kept isolated & imprisoned in a dark place for way too long, and terror erupts. As they try to make their escape, you will find yourself coming face to face with these “criminally insane” prisoners and all of “your” worst nightmares will become frightful reality.

So, be forewarned, even if you manage to make it out of the “Penitentiary” alive, will you really be free?....Or, is it just the beginning of a new terror?..because once outside, your very own “NIGHTMARE” with insanity continues...Ha!...Ha!...Ha!...Ha!...

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