Terror In The Corn

The 4th Attraction in this years Haunted Hollow "Terror-Fest" is "Terror In The Corn".
As the name implies, this Haunted Corn Maze is a terror-fying walk through a
field of tall corn where evil never sleeps

Shhhh..... What's that your hearing? What IS that rustling around in the corn? Could it be the body snatchers out lurking around in the dark waiting to snatch YOU up when you least expect it, OR is it "The Harvester" the serial killer that stalks the corn field, always out hunting, searching for his next victims.  The victims he preys upon, never able to quench his insatiable appetite for human flesh, and for the harvesting of their body parts  What ever it is, you CAN run, you CAN hide, but it WILL find you.  Rest assured your terrifying journey will begin when you take that first step into "Terror In The Corn"....

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