It’s 2017 and there’s a “Terror Fest” going on at the Hollow again this year!!

First and foremost “Terror In The Corn” is back and will again be the 4th Attraction at the Hollow for 2016!

For your added pleasure we have added “Buried Alive” a 4D Hillbilly Simulated Coffin Ride just for you brave souls who have always wanted to know what it would feel like to be “Buried Alive”.

Rest assured this is not your normal “Last Ride”, this Hillbilly Version is unlike any “Coffin Ride” you have ever experienced and is typical of what you have come to expect to find here at the Haunted Hollow! Enjoy the Ride…. Ha!Ha!

But that’s not all - Nightmare Penetentiary has been abandoned but out of its remains an Eville Asylum has been born...

The "Musical Experience" You Have To See To Believe

Dr. Bac-T'-Life And The Ungrateful Dead!

More good news-with the addition of 4 more buses
(taking 40+ visitors at a time),
your wait time will be significantly reduced!

AS ALWAYS - We still will be a CASH ONLY event on site BUT.....

There will be a (Debit/Cash only) "ATM" on Site for your convencience!



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