While searching for the key to room #1313, mysterious sounds of muffled moans and screams were heard coming from the elevator shaft, after a relentless search of the 13th floor, the "Death Tunnel" was discovered. Everyone fled the Hotel, completely terrified, and now it's up to you to find out the secrets of the "Death Tunnel". Hope you enjoy your stay!


The once lively and glamorous Slaughter Hotel is now abandoned and in disrepair. The strange underground hotel was built by an eccentric and rich world traveler by the name of Samuel Slaughter. Slaughter was a well-educated man who took an interest in many bizarre things like electro-metaphysical communication and afterlife reanimation techniques

Although able to accomplish many of his life long dreams, the late Samuel Slaughter was never able to accomplish his one true desire. And that was to have a BRIDE. Slaughter was considered an outcast by men, women and children around the world. You see, when Samuel Slaughter was born, he was found in his dead mothers womb by the man who had killed her...THE LOCAL BUTCHER!!! The blades the killer had used to kill Slaughters mother, were the same blades that had disfigured his face and body, ruining his chances of ever finding true love. Loneliness and dispair drove Slaughter to become an insane recluse who would hide in the dark corners of his beloved hotel.

Some believe that Samuel Slaughter built the hotel for his personal retreat. Others say he built it in hopes of someday meeting a future bride amongst the cities elite. But no one knows why he built the hotel underground,twelve stories straight down,or why he was so obsessed with the hotel's unusual elevator system.

Rumor has it that there is a secret floor in the hotel with an elaborate electrical laboratory, along with a private honeymoon suite built for Samuel Slaughter and his future BRIDE! The suite door reads # 1313. I'm told that the lobby elevator is the only way down there, but its been out of service since the big electrical storm, and thats when Samuel Slaughter passed away!

He was found lying dead in the lobby of the elevtor, with the recently deceased body of a young woman lying along side him. The dead woman was holding the key to room # 1313!!It was later determined that Slaughter was electrocuted when a bolt of lightning struck the hotel tower, flowing from the top of the tower, down the elevator shaft, the cables, and through the elevator cabin, killing Slaughter and partially destroying the hotel.

The elevator hasn't been operational since. The secret lab and honeymoon suite were never found, and the room key was dropped down the elevator shaft by bumbling investigators. The death of Slaughter was written off as a freak act of nature. The body of the young woman has never been identified, and the investigation into the strange events that occurred at the hotel still continues to this day.

I believe there is more to the story of Samuel Slaughter and his bride-to-be. I feel there is still a lab down there somewhere, and I believe Slaughter was in the process of bringing that young woman back from the DEAD, at the exact moment that the lightning hit the tower and surged to the elevator cabin. I guess no one will ever know for sure, unless.......they are brave enough to search that secret area of the hotel and find that lost key to room # 1313!!!

Are YOU.... Brave Enough? If you dare to enter, remember to keep Samuel Slaughter,s last words in mind.............

Underground....NO ONE..... CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM

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